• Re-Elect Sandy Hickman

    Councillor at Large - Your Independent Voice on City Council

  • Key Issues: Traffic

    Study and plan for MUN area; traffic calming; regional plan

  • Past Successes

    Strong proponent of the development of a city recreation master plan which is now in place.

Message from Sandy

We live in a beautiful place! We must collectively nurture this wonderful city and be proud of how we grow and maintain it.

Each year we see St. John’s grow almost exponentially. This growth has to be supported by a city council that has a vision for the future while respecting our heritage and unique place on the edge of the North Atlantic Ocean.

This place is special because of the ocean, the rivers and ponds, the forests and, most importantly, the people. Our culture will keep us proud and strong even as we become more influenced by non-traditional economic and social pressures.

With unprecedented development in this city over the last several years, the incoming council can expect to deal with more of the same. It must respond to these challenges and opportunities with vision, care and a common purpose. This will require councillors that are knowledgeable, experienced and in touch with the needs of the city.

I will, as always, bring my balanced view of development and activity in St. John’s using my experience and common sense in consideration of all matters that come to council. I ask for your continued support for me to act as an independent, forward-thinking voice on council for the next four years. I will continue to review policies, programs and proposals with objectivity and compassion and I will support decisions that will benefit us as we grow into a stronger brighter future.

Lets grow in the right direction!

Lets grow together!

Sandy Hickman