Sandy Hickman, Downtown St. John's

Sandy Hickman, MUN Walkway

  • Strong advocate of st. john’s hosting the 2021 canada summer games and the need to commence facility and bid planning in the next two years
  • West end of downtown – convention centre area – the city must develop a combined circulation and landscape plan that is sensitive to the needs of both traffic and pedestrians
  • By-law enforcement officers – need for city to hire staff in this role to enforce various property bylaws
  • Line-painting – expand equipment and crews
  • Need for cooperation with other local governments and provincial government on transportation and other regional issues
  • City’s role in crime prevention and a safe city – building strong neighbourhoods where people know, support and trust each other
  • Appropriate zoning – need to review older neighbourhoods for improper historic zoning – people expect consistent, homogeneous neighbourhoods
  • Avid proponent of the need to replace the mews centre – working for the new enhanced facility to be located adjacent to the west end school
  • Proponent of aligning the boys and girls club with st. theresa’s school – with continued support from the city
  • Need to continue underground infrastructure and street work on main road in goulds
  • Large-scale underground infrastrucrture projects are continuing – there will be many more needs for upgrading in the coming years